Tuna – we got um

Ran another trip yesterday…… weatherman was wrong again it was great all day. Rough start with nothing till 1215 trolling south from the starting spot of 40.10×125.08, made it to 02/05 and it didn;t look right. Picked up the gear at 1215 and ran north a to 13/22 and found our first double at 14/22, it was 130. My buddy boat also picked up a double at 10/11 about then also. We worked east toward the break and found fish for 5 miles but not the spot I wanted… it was one here and 2 there. Finally found an area where they played nice. We put 16 big fish in the boat in the afternoon. We did get to see jumper busting on sauries and boiling on our chum line. Had one boat chasing our numbers and following us around too close and put our fish down for good, that is something we are not used to seeing up here. The Redwood Coast spreader bars http://www.redwoodcoastspreaderbars….ory_s/1477.htm did most of the damage again today…. I think the big ones this year are greedy and like to eat the bars as they think they are getting a buffet. They ate rapalas and cedar plugs and brooms too at all distances from the boat. Biggest was 36 lbs, had about a 30 average at least. Lots of suaries and other bait in the area. We got some great video but don;t think I can get it posted for quite a while. I am running trips the next few days and may have some room. Call or email to get on the “tuna list”. 707-601-3474

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