Patience paid off!

We ended with 14 albies yesterday. No fish till 130 first rapala then a single @ 40.16×125.23, we kept trolling east from there got a double @ 17 x 19 or so and lost one. Kept eastbound for a triple @ 17 x 17 and the a seven way and got 6 of them. Put only 4 rods back in as I was pulling the outriggers and got a double and landed one. Spreader bars got bit good today again. Cleaned up and ran a hour later then I wanted. Sloppy ride in and an hour in the dark. There is a second break and the fish there were mid twenty lbers not the thirty lbers on the first break. I think there is more volume at the second break. It was at 20/15 on the ride in. I will run an afternoon trip tomorrow if I can get one or two more people to go. Call me in the morning or pm if interested. I think we have a couple more weeks of this albacore fishing till it’s over up here. 707-601-3474

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