Albacore – Big Score on Big Fish!!

We ran a scouting trip yesterday to look for albies off of Punta Gorda and beyond. We found lots of hot water toward our target from a break on the SSTs from a couple days earlier and found no real good break all the way from Eureka. The ocean was nice on the ride out, we ran 26 to 30 knots the whole way. We started trolling 5 miles short of our target area and tacked SW toward the east edge of the water where there was a harder edge. All we found were lots of PWS dolphins.  Often the fish in the Gorda water hang on the east edge well so we ran that way. About 7 miles later we saw a lone jumper then another boil. Tried swimbaits and irons for nothing. Threw in the troll gear and in 5 minutes had a 30 lber on the line. We followed that with a 6 banger that we landed 5 of them. After that it was pretty steady in that area (40.06/125.06 – 05/05) through the day with 2 one hour lulls. We headed east further and found we were fishing 2 miles into the temp edge. Fish ate everything but they really ate the Redwood Coast Spreader Bars real good. Purples produced more that bright colors but the brights did get some too. Fish were 22-32 lbs and we ended up with 24 of them. Ocean had 15 knots of wind on it at the end of the day but it was at our back for the ride home. The inside was a bit breezier. It was a very good day considering how things have been for CA albie fishing this year and with low expectations for the day we were very happy. We’ll see what the storm coming through does to the water and will be ready to get back out there when the forecast is good enough. Hopefully they will be even closer to home.


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