Salmon Still going strong

With halibut closed for another week and tuna water that we can’t get to due to rough water on the outside we have been sticking with the salmon fishing and it has been good. We ran the first 3 days of the weeks and had limits for all the clients. We even fished for crew fish but they did not want to go home with us until weds. Fish are on patches of squid and are biting good but staying on the hooks they are not. Weds they stuck better but the other days we were seeing a 4 to 1 bite to land ratio. I’m hoping the action holds through the end of the season which is Sept 7th. I have a couple tuna trips planned next week, but still watching the weather for those. Hollar soon if you want to get in on any late salmon action as this is the time of the year I expect to see fish over 40 or even 50 lbs. There were supposed to be a good count of 5 year old fish this year. We are coming up on the flattest ocean month of the year, I’ll be running tuna and halibut trips mostly so call to see if the dates you want are still available.

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