Rockfish bite good and lingcod bite rockfish

Put a last minute trip together for a nice couple from Sac that wanted to pull on some fish. We started out trolling for salmon but after an hour and a half with only one bite we figured to get some meat in the boat and go rockfishing at the False Cape. The first drift we got a couple and they weren’t really biting good. We moved and it was game on. Got the 3 limits we were looking for in 4 short drifts and got one real nice ling that hitchhiked on one of a double of black rockfish on a shrimp fly rig. They got what they wanted and we called it an early day and didn’t look for salmon in that area. One more combo trip on Monday then I am switching the boat over for tuna fishing for the second half of the week. I am putting trips together for weds thurs and Friday. Call soon if you can go one of those days and we’ll see if the weather lets us run to the tuna grounds again. 707-601-3474

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