Quick pacific halibut limits on an afternoon run

Well the parts I needed to install on the commercial boat didn’t show up today so we ran an afternoon trip and got the 3 pacific halibut we needed in 30 minutes! They were a 30lbs average maybe a bit more… and bit real good for us. We would get cleaned up from one and the other rod would be buckled over. Even had time to reel in a skate in between the second and third fish. The fish came in 55 fathoms off the stacks. They bit on the spreader bars with B2 squids and the Redwood Coast Spreader Bar Godfather rigs baited with tuna and salmon bellies and herring. We ran back inside to 37 fathoms on the 51 line after that to look at a big rip with krill on the surface and birds all over we saw on the way out for a couple salmon. We found the rip and some salmon too. We only got 1 keeper in the hour we gave it but the silvers and shakers were keeping us busy. Fish bit all through the water column but the keeper and most shaker kings came below 190 ft on the downrigger. Hotspot and hoochies as usual for the deeper fishin. Back out tomorrow to try to repeat it. I have some room on Saturdays trip if anyone wants to get in on the bite before the wind blows us off next week.

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