Halibut bite great again and plenty of salmon too

We started with salmon today on a lake like ocean this morning. We had quite a few silvers and figured we would try for halibut instead. As we cleared the last line we hooked up with a king to start filling the fish box for the day. We decided to stick with the salmon and after a couple hours of silvers and trolling we had added 3 more kings to the killbox. We pulled the gear and ran for a spot not far from yesterdays honey hole in 55 fathoms off the stacks and did 3 quick drifts for 4 halibut in an hour. Today had a double going for the last fish and got both to the boat and shook one off to get bigger for us later, we were happy with our 3 butts to add to the box. Tuna and salmon bellies on 16/o barbless circle hooks and B2 squids and hoochies as teasers rigged on spreader bars did the trick with the salmon already in the boat. The salmon and halibut have been fighting hard for their size lately. We got back at the salmon after that and after a couple more silvers we got the captain a keeper king and had one come off at the surface that would have been our go home fish north of the stacks in 32 fathoms. Happy with limits plus a hali and salmon for the captain today we strolled in to clean our catch. Another great day today with a couple of great guys.

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