Breezy Day Biters

Today looked like a better forecast for tomorrows scheduled trip so we pushed them forward but the wind was already up by the time we made it to the pinnacles. We tried one drop and immediately hooked up and lost a ling and then again with one rod in the water. It was not possible to fish the outside so we slid inside where the wind was at least less than 20 knots and fishable. We had a steady pick of lingcod, vermillion, cabezone, and blacks. The blacks have not been biting recklessly as they have been all year so it gives us a chance to get better quality mixed bags. Fishing bigger lures helps also. We ended up with limits of blacks and lings for the guys and got most of the other rockfish also. Also had a couple lings and a limit of blacks for the captain. Looks like a chance at tuna toward the end of the week finally. Watching weather and will start making calls for the trip in the next day or two. Call if you can make it this week or into the weekend and I will try to get you out.

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