Bluefin tuna and outstanding rockfishing

Yesterday we went looking for albacore and we found tuna but they were Bluefin tuna. Not small ones either they were in the 40-60 lbs class but would not bite with the gear we had onboard for the day. We found 5 areas with boiling fish so there are many around as well as other guys seeing them. Lots of life with bait everywhere and tons of dolphins and a pod of killer whales also.  Albacore were not to be found but I will change the gear a bit and target these awesome visitors to our area in the next couple weeks. Call if you want to go exploring.

Today we ran to the Pinnacles for lingcod and rockfish and found more real quality bottomfishing. We had 4 guys today and had 15 lings, 13 cabezone, 5 coppers, a couple chinas, 1 vermillion, and a mess of blacks, yellows, and blues. It was a steady pick on a nice ocean and we did it all in 3 hours. I expect this continue through the end of our rockfish season of oct 31st. If you want to get out before then to load the freezer for the winter look me up.

Captain Marc 707-601-3474 (FISH)

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