What a difference a day makes

Strong start and finish today. After a long day of salmon fishin yesterday we started with rockfish and lings today. The were biting and we had our rockfish real easy. We looked around a few spots around the false Cape for a bit of variety but never landed on the color we were looking for. We went to a little ling spot and got half the lings we needed. After rthey shut off we went to look for salmon. We dropped in on a spot that always has birds and bait not far from the false cape and after 15 minutes had our first bite and a 15 lber in the box. We stuck with it and they kept biting. In 2 hours we had the 8 we needed for the crew and 2 for the captain. One small one but all others we 11-21 lbs. Very happy were all were, especially me after a tough scratch yesterday. Gunna look there again in the morning and hope there are still a few biters. I have some room for next week on rockfish and salmon trips. I am planning to go tuna fishing at the end of next week. Call to get on the tuna list if you are not already.

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