Tuna was great and now crab season is here

Getting the boat and some gear ready for the saturday crab opener. I will be running crab trips through Thanksgiving weekend, mostly just on weekends but can do weekdays too if you have a few people together wanting to get out. I do still have room this Sunday.

Not a lot going on since we left the Albacore biting oct 5th for the season. With shorter days, bigger swell, and the water pushing out we had to call it a wrap and be thankful for the nice close runs we had most of the season. I was very happy with the counts we put up offshore this year including a couple bluefin in the mix.

I am already looking forward to next season and the jack salmon counts on the Klamath and Trinity rivers are better than expected so we may be back to fishing salmon here at home. I will still do the salmon opener week in Santa Cruz if there is enough interest. Let me know if you can get a group together and I can plan on getting everyone on some of that early season conking.

May 1st will open Pacific Halibut in 2018 and I will concentrate on that for the month. I will also likely have some crab gear, and possibly, some prawn traps out in the spring.

If you want to get crabby soon, let me know.

Marc 707-601-3474

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