Still getting limits

Last weekend had a big push of silvers and shakers in the area and despite the pesky action from them we got limits on Saturday. Sunday had plenty action but we were short on our keeper count for limits. Yesterday was a bit bumpy but we only needed 4 fish with a light load. We started with 2 nice sized silvers and then followed with a 22 lb king and 3 more from 8-13 lbs. Today we boxed one where we left off yesterday and then went poking around north a bit. We got a couple more keepers and had plenty of action with slivers and shorts again. We got tired of them and headed down south a bit and found a nice spot with keeper kings that wanted to bite in the early afternoon. We lost a real nice one but boxed 3 more in quick order for limits for the guys and as we cleared the last rod we got me one for the 4th of July BBQ. Back at it tomorrow and the ocean gets nice the next couple days. I have room on sunday if anyone wants to go out, likely looking for halibut 1st. I am booked up a bit the next couple weeks after sunday but have plenty of room for the last week of July.


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