Limits for all on the first salmon trip of the year

Limits for all the guys and even a couple for me today but we had to be patient. It started great with a few bites outside the dumpsite just as we got the gear in after dropping crab pots. Of those we only got 1 fish, after 2 more hours and only a few bites we went prospecting in less than ideal conditions. We tried several pots that showed life on the meter and had good rips but no go. Ended back where we started for another pass and no action so slid to the inside and got our second fish by 1pm. In the next hour we got 6 more and dropped a few. Fishing was hot and close to home and a healthy grade of 9-13 lbs. All fish were 3 to 4 miles NW of the jaws today and feeding on anchovies and we even had a squid and a sardine in 1 fish.

On the way in we pulled the 2 crab pots we put out in the morning for crab for all the crab the guys wanted. Commercial crabbers drop their gear on Monday on the north side. Also of importance today was the arrival of the dredge ship “Bayport”, we hope to have a more predictable bar crossing in a couple of weeks now that she is here and working. I have plenty of room for salmon and rockfish for the rest of the month and even memorial day weekend and the long range forecast is showing it being nice then. Call Marc if you want to get out 707-601-3474.

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