Jumpers on the break

The tuna today were big and jumping but not biting that great. We covered a lot of ground looking for a good batch of biters but ended up just outside of where we started grinding away on some bait on a great break just over 30 miles from the jaws of Humboldt Bay. We ended with 3 in the mid to high 20 lbs range and had 2 others that did not stick. We had a great ocean and bait, birds, and jumpers rippin it up in the afternoon and only got one more for the fishbox out of all that excitement. Had a great crew with Shane and his kids today and a great ocean to explore on. There are fish even closer in than todays spot and we may check that out a bit more on Tuesday. Call to get on the “Tuna List” or book a trip.

Marc 707-601-3474

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