Happy New Year!

I am welcoming 2016 by getting some new PLine products rigged up and stashed away so I will be ready to go as soon as it is time to hit the tuna grounds this year. Whether we get albacore or Bluefin this year I will have the boat and gear ready for all situations. I am still holding the holiday/last years pricing through the end of the month, lock in your dates and sale price with a deposit or just lock in the sale pricing with gift certificates and hop a ride when it works out during the season. I have got some nice new gear for all the inshore species too and have some more surprises coming before we hit the water this spring! We look to be closer to a crab opener and I may even run offshore looking for Humboldt Squid in the next few weeks so call if anything has you interested. The halibut dates will be limited again this year but there is hope we make get more fish to work with. I still expect the season to be closed by the beginning of Aug so if you want to do lock in a pacific halibut trip shoot for the first 15 days or may, jun, or july and call sooner than later to get in the book. Call Marc @ 707-601-3474

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