Eureka Albies and an OPAH!!

13 Albies and one big opah….. 100+ lbs. I think Bobby and Chuck (the “MAN” who caught the beast were gunna weigh it. I just switched the boat over salmon/hali in the morning so this will be short.

Tuna were 72 -80 miles from the jaws, best spot was 41.01/125.58. We put 10 in very quick there. We really didn’t start fishing tuna till 1215, lots of running and looking. We got some singles trolling across the “neck” toward the jaws. Opah came from under one of 2 logs about 25 miles southeastsouth of the tuna numbers. 62.5 almost purple water. One definite patch of jumpers that did not go.

There was a very fishy rip with bait and whales and birds straight out at 124.50, ~ 25 miles out that is worth a look if someone is board, We trolled it for 7 minutes with a couple jigs for nothing. Other whales and life and bait all over out there. Future looks bright for Eureka tuna fishing for 2015. Great weather and crew today. Also Pyong hung a yellowtail while Chuck was fighting the fish but it came off. Several little rat YTs chasing the opah around.


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