Bodega and Bragg the last few days – Bragg salmon big and hungry

Spent the last few days in Bodega Bay for steady rockfish and lingcod fishing on thursday and Friday and looked for salmon on Saturday. On a nice ocean we ended up with 5 fish for 6 people to 22 lbs fishing 55 fathoms off the head. Saturday night I trailered up to Ft Bragg for Sundays crew and we were very happy with the move. We had the 14 king salmon we needed by 9 am and they were all a great grade, 10-24 lbs. All right in tight in 11-16 fathoms and close to the harbor. We had at least another dozen that hit and did not make it to the boat including a couple that were real dandies. Big ones get away. We were all very happy with that morning. Commercial salmon fishing in Bragg will open tomorrow and I think the fishing will slow down in the area. I am back in Eureka now and am booked through the end of the month except I have a few spots on Monday the 25th. I expect to be running tuna trips by the end of the month. Pacific halibut and the salmon are biting good from what I heard while I was gone and will be back on the hunt for them soon.

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