Back on the halibut

Back to halibut fishing after being off and on with salmon and rockfish charters and commercial salmon trolling the last few weeks. Back at the charters full time for the rest of the season and trying to get as many halibut caught before it closes for the month of Aug this year. Today we had 2 hookups on the halibut in 52 fathoms but only 1 made the boat. We switched over to rockfish and ran to Trinidad by late morning and got in some nice action on heafty blacks and a few lings to boot. Water layed out nice and we ran in at 25 to 30 knots all the way from Trinidad to the Humboldt Bay jaws. Back at the halibut drifting tomorrow and we hope to try some drifts off the Lost Coast on Tuesday for halibut then rockfish if the wind lets us. Halibut reopens Sept 1st and I have space for sept and oct till it closes.

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