Wide Open Easy Limits of Pacific Halibut and limits of rockies and lings too








After only having 1 on Friday and 2 yesterday we landed on the nest of Pacific Halibut this morning. We went to an old early season spot we haven’t been yet this year and found them in numbers. We were hooked up in minutes and then it was a ripper bite with 7 fish making the boat with 2 released with limits of 28-41 lbers for the 4 guys and even a nice 22 lber for the captain today too! We also had 2 that didn’t stick and 2 that pulled off. They were hitting like freight trains too. Oh, and it all happened in less than an hour and a half. They chomped the Redwood Coast Spreader Bar “Godfather Rigs” good today and even got one on the spreader bar also, both tipped with herring and salmon bellies.

We then ran to the cape and filled up the boat even more with limits of rockfish, cabezone and lingcod to 20 lbs. The weather was great with a little breeze starting at the end of our day at the cape. There are miles of krill and whales and I think there are a pile of salmon out front of Eureka. The salmon season opens tomorrow but the breeze is coming up for the week. We will be out next weekend for salmon rockfish combos if you want to go just call or to book a halibut trip in June or July. I don’t think there will be any halibut quota left to reopen the season in Aug if they keep biting like they have.

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