When they bit they bit good

It was a long wait for our action today….. 5 hrs or so with only one bite which was a shaker that shook itself. I blame the full moon as that is our current phase. We see it often around the full moon…. a real early bite and scratchy fishin till noon or 1 then they come on strong. We finally got a midday snap in which we had a double and landed one. We put the gear back down and ran back through the same spot and got a double… landed both, look up and the Redwood Coast Spreader Bars new watermelon salmon dredge had a fish rippin on it. My nephew Luke got that one in and the last rod that was still in the water started peelin off too. We got all 5 in 15 minutes or so. We kept looking but found no more biters. We had a fish a piece today and hope to improve that tomorrow. I have one more day down here fishin Monterey bay then will be back home getting things back in order and ready to pounce the May 10th opener, I still have the opening weekend open so call soon to get in on some early salmon action! 707-601-3474

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