More Albies

TUNA! One area of fish for us. 3 singles and 1 double…. 5 fish total. All sizes from 7 lbs peanut to 33 lbs that looked much bigger compared to the little squirts. Right around 40.14 and 124.57. I picked up and ran 12 miles south after the killer whales got in that area and stuck around and shut the bite down. They were cool as there was miles of them but they killed the bite. It was bluer and hotter water but only saw a few bird patches, some debris, and a little breezing patches of sauries. All singles were on purple cedar plugs long and the spreader bars hooked both on the double. I don’t feel as if there is much volume in that water. Nice weather and great crew. Towing to Crescent City in the morning for tomorrows tuna bite. Call to get on the tuna list for one of the next runs.   Marc  707-601-3474

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