Fishing season almost here

Hey there friends, old ones and those yet to come along…..I know its been quite a while since I posted anything here or even checked Facebook but we made it through the last couple challenging years ok. The wife, kids, and I just got back from a very needed and long overdue vacation to baja so now its time to get ready for the fishing season to come. I’ll spend next couple weeks getting Scrimshaw and the gear cleaned up and ready for charters as well as finish some tasks to finish up at our Willow Creek Cabin so that it will be ready to rent in May on Air BnB. May 1st will open Pacific halibut, salmon, and rockfish so there is a lot of opportunity in may as long as weather plays nice. I have gone to almost all private charters during the last couple covid years but am putting a few more open load trips together this year so hollar if its just you or a friend or two or have a whole boat load of folks ready to play. I have a few days left open in May and plenty of openings through labor day in other months. Salmon season will be may and aug 1- sept 4., CDFW will likely close halibut early again cause they cant count year after year so I am recommending trying to get halibut dates booked in may or june and hopefully we have most of july to fish them also. There are a couple small changes to rockfish regulations but its open thru dec 31st so trying to stick with the salmon and halibut for the most part for the first couple months but will be ready for rockfish options if needed. Crab will close April 24th cause CDFW thinks we will catch a humpback or blue whale in 15 fathoms….. which the odds are beyond slim of but they are in charge. Alive and well and hope you all are also….check in when you can and we will find some biters for ya.

Marc 707-601-3474

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