Crab opens Nov 5th

Crab season starts Saturday! But the ocean will be up with the early winter weather we are having this year so no trips for the opener weekend unfortunately. I am putting crab trips together most weekends and some weekdays when the weather lets us out so give me a call if you are looing for a crab fix.
Lingcod and rockfish were going good till the last day at the end of oct but the weather was not that nice so I didnt get as many people out in oct as I was hoping. Next year lingcod and rockfish will stay open till the end of the year so we will be able to do fish/crab combos.
Thanks for fishing on Scrimshaw with me this┬áseason and if you didn’t get out this year just give me a ring after the new year and we’ll get you out in 2017. Halibut will open My 1st.
Captain Marc Schmidt

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