First Albacore of the year!

Ran north from town (40.55/124.50-125.00) and found cold water nothin over 57.8 then ran further and further out and south and threw then in about 40.39/125.20. Trolled down and in and finally got a short corner broom to go at 34/14 then came off. Kept going got a Redwood Coast spreader bar fish, slowed down then 2 more hopped on some of the other spreader bars. Then jackpot Steve got one hangin on the slide with a fish trap. Got those 4 and trolled almost due east till 3 pm and ran in 28 miles. 10-20 knots of south wind all day. Ready to go again tomorrow but need 2 more people. I think if we went west we would have got more. We didn’t have very good lookin around weather today. Great crew today and fresh albies for the BBQ. It has begun! Call or message me to get on the tuna list or call soon if you are ready for tomorrow and the better forecast and hopefully a full boat of albies. Marc 707-601-3474

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